The Ed-Tech Tumble Zone

"The capability to learn is inherent in all of us. The only variable, then, is our own desire to learn." ~ Sam Pabon

Sam Pabon has an extensive background as an IT Professional with specific experience as a Security Administrator, Engineer, and Cyber Threat Analyst.

Sam recently decided to transition into the education arena, and is pursuing a Master's in Educational & Instructional Technology from National University.

Sam's Philosophy of Education
As educators we should help facilitate goals and help cast a vision for students that will, not only, stretch their imaginations, but also their beliefs regarding what is possible. In order to accomplish this, we need to become and remain culturally aware regarding the diverse student populations we will interact with on our chosen playing field.
We are not just "teachers", we are "coaches": disciplining, guiding, mentoring, encouraging, motivating.

In the end, technology is something that should be embraced and respected, but not feared.
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