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"The capability to learn is inherent in all of us. The only variable, then, is our own desire to learn." ~ Sam Pabon

Sam Pabon has an extensive background as an IT Professional with specific experience as a Security Administrator, Engineer, and Cyber Threat Analyst within the US Intel Community, served 8yrs active duty in U.S. the Navy, then worked for the U.S. Army as a civilian for several years.

Sam now teaches high school U.S. History & coaches Wrestling and Swimming while pursuing a Master's in Educational & Instructional Technology from National University. He enjoys mentoring & encouraging people to push beyond perceived limits.

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Never before published photographs of Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero a few weeks before he was murdered in El Salvador in 1980:

I took these at a small press conference in the capital before talking with him one on one. It was clear to most of us there at the time that Romero would be killed. It was clear to him. For more about Romero — as close to a saint as any person I ever met — read my column from March 2010:

        It is 30 years ago this week that a sniper killed Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero with a single bullet that exploded through his heart as he said mass. …

I remember seeing the movie when I was younger. Raul Julia played the part of Romero …

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    Romero was the voice and the face of Salvadorans and allies who fought against impunity in the nation; he and others...
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    See also songs by billy Bragg and simple minds remembering Romero…any others?
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